Boulder Creek Guitars by Morgan Hill Music

Welcome to Boulder Creek Guitars Boulder Creek Guitars has restarted the stalled evolution of the acoustic guitar. Ever since the “X” bracing system was patented 150 years ago, the status quo has reigned supreme. Boulder Creek Guitars believes that there is a better way to brace a guitar. That is why we have developed the exclusive Suspended Bracing System or “SBS” (patent pending). The “SBS” is a suspended bracing system and the first of its kind within the industry. It focuses on freeing the soundboard and allowing more vibration to produce a better tone and more sustain. The system works by utilizing aluminum tone bars that not only make the construction of the bracing system more durable but also allows the top to be free from the constrictions of the standard X bracing system. The X bracing system was patented in the 1850’s and has been the industry standard since that time. If you stop and think about it, how many other technologies from the pre-civil war era remain in use? The answer, not many. While others have been happy to remain in this rut, Boulder Creek Guitars believes that relying on convention has hurt the industry and that it is time for a change. The “SBS” system utilizes the best of the X bracing system with new technology, giving the player the best of both worlds. When the “SBS” bracing system is incorporated with the new Boulder Creek “Solitaire” design, the sustain and tone quality are even more prevalent. By not cutting a large hole in the front soundboard of the guitar, the soundboard area is increased and the top vibrates more evenly and greater sustain is achieved. By relocating the soundhole on the top of the guitar, the player hears the deep rich tones that come from the inside chamber of the guitar. Since low frequencies are omni directional, the lows are heard all around the guitar. Mids and high frequencies that come from the front of the guitar are also increased. All in all, a totally new way for a totally new sound from an acoustic guitar. Boulder Creek Guitars The Evolution of the Acoustic Guitar

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