Spotlight On Exonerees

RAE House, 1212 St Bernard Ave, New Orleans, Louisiana

Music opens the show featuring vocalist Michaela Harrison accompanied by Ian Villafana. Spotlight is on four women with touching stories who belong to a drama club. After being incarcerated for crimes they did not commit, exonerees are faced with an even tougher battle. They must readjust to a world that isn't waiting with open arms; in most cases, it's the opposite.The challenges that await exonerees upon their release compound the injustices of wrongful incarceration. The pressure of finding employment and gaining access to medical treatment, dental treatment, housing and job training are just a few typical hurdles. In addition, there is no system in place to help exonerees deal with the trauma of incarceration and its impact in their lives post-exoneration. Exonerees are forced to re-enter a society bearing the stigma and the stain of incarceration, despite their innocence.